Saturday, August 9, 2014

Artisan Breads with Bakerz@work

Have been attending quite a few workshops with Bakerz@work this year and am glad that I have met a group of great enthusiastic bakers from here.  Greatest thing of all, we have became baking kakis ^^...

Mini charcoal of the recipe we have learned in class..^^

And this is what I have baked using the method ^^

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pandan with Coconut Milk 相思蛋糕

Pandan With Coconut Milk

One of my blogger friends showed her photo of 相思蛋糕 and shared a link to her friend's recipe.  Since it is such a famous cake in the net, I tried baking it today.  However, I only wanted to bake a 7" square cake so I alter the recipe by 30%.  Its very soft and spongy with the water bath method...


Corn Oil                    45g
Coconut Cream       60ml

Sugar                         20g
Egg Yolks                  4
Pandan Juice           2 tsp

Sift together :
Cake Flour                50g
Salt                            1/8 tsp
Baking Powder        1/4 tsp

Egg Whites                4
Sugar                          50g
Cream of tartar        1/8 tsp


  1. Beat egg yolks, sugar and pandan juice together till creamy
  2. Heat up the corn oil and coconut cream in microwave on high for 10mins, then stir it into (1)
  3. Add in the sifted cake flour, salt and baking powder.  Stir well and keep one side
  4. Beat egg whites on high, add in the 50g sugar & 1/8 tsp of tartar and continue to beat till stiff.
  5. Fold egg whites into the egg yolks batter and pour into a 7" square (lined with baking paper at the bottom) and water bath bake @ 140 deg for 2 hours.

One of my baking trainer did said ... its okay to bake at lower temperature for a longer period...the cake wont turn dry but it will be moist and well baked.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pandan Chiffon

Pandan Chiffon from the same receipe ....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

威风蛋糕 Marble Chiffon


两年前,我在图书馆里借到人气烘焙名师吴美珠的烘焙宝典珍藏版。好喜欢哦! 所以我在中国的亚马斯网站购买了一本,真的是爱不惜手。里面的大理石雪纺蛋糕食簿真的超容易的,我一直都在用,而每次都很成功!

A)100g 蛋黄 50g 细砂糖 80g 色拉油 80g 鲜奶 3g 香草精 10g 朗姆酒 110g 低筋面粉 2g 泡打粉
B)250g 蛋白 90g 细砂糖   2g 盐
C)10g 可可粉 40g 热水

分量- 20cm chiffon pan

Bake at 180deg C for 35mins

  1. 蛋黄,50个细砂糖 用打蛋器拌至淡黄色,加入色拉油, 鲜奶, 香草精 ,朗姆酒拌匀。
  2. 低筋面粉,泡打粉过筛后加入拌匀。
  3. 另取一锅,将蛋白加盐打起泡,90g 细砂糖分两次加入,打至干性发泡。蛋白糖打发至拉起呈坚挺状。
  4. 将蛋白糖分两次加入面糊中拌匀。
  5. 可可粉和热水调匀,加入少许白面糊拌和,即成可可面糊。
  6. 把可可面糊倒在白面糊上以刮刀轻拌两下,倒入蛋糕模型内,用筷子画圈并将蛋糕模轻敲,放进烘箱烘焙。

  • 我用五粒大型的鸡蛋one tray 600g and seperate it.
  • I used 50g sugar to beat with the egg whites with 1/8tsp of cream of tartar
  • I heat up the milk and oil in microwave on high for 20secs b4 pouring it into the egg yolk mixture
  • I baked at 160 deg for 50 mins.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cake Decorating Class @ Kolam Ayer CC

I have been attending cake baking lessons at the Kolam Ayer CC and have so far enjoyed it very much. Our instructor, Mr. Richard Goh is a very jovial person and he is very experience in his field. His recipes are not only simple and are yummy to eat! Here are some of the pics that I took during our lessons.

He has been conduting Cake Decorating Classes in a couple of CCs and we have requested for him to conduct one at Kolam Ayer CC. The course fee is S$80 per person for 8 lessons but you have to bring your own cake, butter cream etc for every lesson. Is a basic elementary cake decorating course which uses butter cream (1st lesson) and then fresh cream (it wont be too fattening ..... hahaha). I have been scouting around for quite a while and found his the cheapest. We welcome anyone who would like to join our class.